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This directory is designed so that teachers can quickly find resources that will help them teach literature in their secondary English classrooms (grades 6-12). The directory includes both online and print resources (most free, some priced).

Report Bad Links: You can report any "bad links" by simply clicking on the tiny "x" that appears to the right of each listing. One Page Per Author Name: You can view resources related to a specific author by selecting that author's last name from the alphabetic lists. (Note that this entire site was redesigned in September 2006; all earlier links should be redirected, either to the author page or to an index page listing multiple authors with the same last-initial.)

Site Updates: Unfortunately, some web sites change often. Some book publishers re-arrange their web sites every year or so, and when this happens, all links to teacher's guides and study guides for that publisher stop working. A number of colleges and universities allow their students to post lesson plans online, but those are often purged after a year or two. Several times per year, non-working web sites are "purged" from this directory, and new sites are added whenever time is available to find them.

Web Links: Many web links are free, but some are simply links to a place where you can buy the item listed (either as a printed book or booklet, or as a downloadable file, usually in PDF format). The free web links include a very wide range of resources:

About the products available for sale: Nearly half of the links on this web site are to and, which provide a wide range of lesson plan resources available for purchase as well as books, movies, CD-ROMs, or downloadable PDF files. These "paid" listings usually appear first under each book title; free resources are listed below them.

Publishers and Booksellers: As noted in the prior paragraph, I use "affiliate links" to many merchants, and I also actively seek to obtain complete catalog information from publishers of lesson plans, study guides, and teachers' aids. Please send me email if you would like more information about:

Buying Books Online:

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